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KodaKoda Head

Koda was an owner surrender to a Sacramento area shelter. He's about 1.5 years old and weighs 58 lbs, but could stand to add about 5 lbs to his thin frame. Koda means friend or companion in several Native American languages and it fits him well.

So far, Koda has been a very easy boy. He is housebroken and knows some basic commands, although he will jump up on people when excited. Recently out of the shelter, Koda has kennel cough, which may be affecting his energy level. He prefers to shadow the human in the house rather than play with either of the other two German Shepherds. Toys are not high on Koda's priority list, but he will chew on the deer antler given him. He ignores the cats, even one that swatted his back legs for no apparent reason. His previous owners indicated he did fine with young children as well. The previous owner also indicated that Koda got car sick, which may explain why he is hesitant to get in the car. Once in, he has been fine on a few car trips he's been in since coming into our program.

At the shelter, Koda barked at other dogs he saw. Continued contact with varying people and dogs will benefit this boy. He would also benefit from continuous training.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added June 2014

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