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KipKip Head

Kip is an 11 month old, tall and lanky, black and tan male weighing about 80 lbs. One ear is floppy at the moment but may still go up. When his original owners couldn't afford care for a necessary medical procedure, he was surrendered to a vet's office. The vet's office then contacted us and we took him in.

Kip is a really smart and affectionate boy with a lot of potential. He sits, lays down, and loves to play fetch. He pulls a bit on leash when walking, but not bad. He is housebroken and will go into a crate. Kip is currently in a house with a chihuahua, rabbit and cats. He is great with all the animals, the cats are afraid of him, but Kip's still a big baby and shows no aggression towards any of the animals.

Kip would do well in a home that wants to keep him active and involved with the family. Additional training will also benefit this nice boy.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added November 2018

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