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KimbaKimba Head

Kimba is a very sweet, quiet, gentle, 63 pound female white Shepherd approximately 2 years old with a long, lean body. She was a stray from a local shelter, so nothing is known about her background.

She is currently living in a foster house with two male German Shepherds, a senior female Golden Retriever and three cats. She has been friendly with the cats and even has exchanged kisses on occasion with one of them. Kimba is comfortable near people and occasionally off on her own. She greets new people very well and is calmly happy to see you when you wake up, come home or just call her name and talk sweetly to her. She settles nicely in her crate for the night or on the floor near your bed.

Kimba is currently learning the "Wait" command, as she once ran out the front door and exited a vehicle before she was given the OK to exit. Perspective adopters may want to take extra care and be aware of that and think ahead when opening home and car doors. Kimba has not had consistent contact with children other than occasionally at adoption events. During adoption events, and under the direct supervision of a handler, she has been very gentle and did not seem to have any issues. Currently we would not recommend her being unsupervised with any children.

Kimba would make an excellent addition to the right home and loving family. She had a high amount of interest from several at adoption events and while with her foster family about town. Come meet this charming girl and see for yourself what a nice dog she is.

Small critters unknown.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added May 2018

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