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Kiffee is a 9 month old male shepherd with a sable coat. He was owner surrender to the shelter because he played too rough with the small dogs in the home. Kiffee is now living with a female shepherd and he absolutely idolizes her and wants to play as much as she will let him.

This sweet boy is still just a large puppy and is still learning the ropes. He has some nice house manners but he still likes to chew, so he needs supervision and puppy approved toys. He knows how to come when called, sit, lay down, and he is learning to wait for his food. He is still learning to walk on a leash. Kiffee loves to play fetch in the yard and will pick up most anything left around to keep up the fun. While Kiffee will need further training, he is food motivated and eager to please so a little time and effort should go a long way.

Kiffee is housebroken with the use of a doggie door. He prefers to be inside with his human, and will cry when left alone, at least for a little while. He is learning to sleep in a crate at night and while he does cry for a couple minutes he will settle down quickly and does best if he has a toy in his crate with him.

This boy would love another large dog to show him the ropes and keep him entertained though he might also do well as an only dog with an active family that can keep him busy. He may be able to live with small dogs again but it is recommended that any house with a small dog also has another large dog who can match his play style.

This young boy will be a great addition to any home with further training and socialization.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added December 2018

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