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Kenna is a gorgeous petite 18 mo. Old sable female. She was an unclaimed stray out of a local area shelter so nothing is known about her background. Kenna came into the shelter with a fractured front leg, she is now fully healed and ready to go!!

This energetic girl seems to have lived in a home, is housebroken, and seems to know a few basic commands. She rides nicely in a car (although she does like to ride shotgun) and sleeps nicely in a crate at night. Kenna was not well socialized when we got her and was reactive to other dogs while on leash, and while in her crate. When free, she gets along with the other five dogs in her foster home, infact loves to play with her best foster buddy Arek. Kenna has made huge improvements in meeting dogs on leash, she just takes a proper introduction. She is still a little reactive in her crate around strange dogs, but is getting better. You can tell even when reactive that Kenna wants to be brave and join the activities. Her tail is low and wagging, she is just is unsure of what she is supposed to do.

Kenna loves her walks. She loves to explore the world around her, and gets very excites by all of the deer, turkeys, cows, sheep, and horses she sees. After a walk and some playtime, Kenna is getting pretty good at settling in the house in the evenings.

Kenna needs a home with leadership that will continue to socialize and train her as well as provide proper exercise for her. Kenna would like a male dog buddy to play with and to show her the ropes.

This is a Level 3 Dog. Please be sure you understand what a dog of this Level requires.

Added January 2015

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