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Keenan is an approximately 12-18 month old black and tan male. He is from a local area shelter, so little is known of his background.

In his current foster home, Keenan lives with a 3 yr old active female German Shepherd, Zana (see her in Available Dogs). The two are quite compatible, as Keenan's tolerant personality matches well with Zana's dominant nature. Keenan's daily mission is to socially engage with all people and dogs no matter where he encounters them. If he is restricted from this opportunity, he will often use his voice to express his wishes. Redirections and timely corrections will help to diminish these behaviors. In the short time he has been with us, he has shown improvements and the ability to develop patience and restraint.

Keenan is slowly learning basic house manners such as sit, stay, potty, and OK. He appears mostly housebroken, but one must watch his cues to prevent accidents. Keenan was previously living in a foster home with three large dogs and a cat. He did well with all of the dogs. The cat was of some interest, but no big issues with Keenan even exchanging kisses with the cat on occasion.

Like many dogs, Keenan craves human affection and will try his best to push other dogs out of the way who are receiving it. It is important for Keenan to learn boundaries and respect the space of other pets and humans. Simply put, he is learning to "wait his turn." His large paws, expressive ears, and handsome face will convince you that he is one overgrown puppy. The world is his playground and he is ready to share fun times with his patient human!

While Keenan will settle and sleep in his crate, he still displays puppy behavior and is an energetic, vocal boy who would do best in an active household that will commit to exercise, socialize, and put some time and training into this great boy.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added January 2018

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