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KallistaKallista Head

Kallista is a 10-12 month unclaimed stray from Sacramento, so not much is known about her background.

Kallista has had a rough start in life, and is being treated for a severe case of demodectic mange (non-contagious). She is curious about new people but is a little shy and may need some coaxing before coming out of her shell. Once she is comfortable she is one spunky pup! She is currently living with a large resident male GSD, a foster puppy, 2 dog savvy cats and a teenager.

Kallista is learning basic commands such as Sit and Down. She knows Leave it and will shyly come when called. She is crate and house trained; she sits and waits for her food and gets excited for walks - but is still learning not to pull.

In a loving home, continued socialization and obedience training Kallista will be a fabulous addition to your family.

This is a Level 2 Dog!

Added April 2015

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