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JoeyJoey Head

Joey came to rescue on 12/9/13 at 8 weeks old. A good samaritan saved him from being taken to the pound in the town of Paradise, so nothing is known of his background.

Joey currently lives with 2 other GSD's and 2 cats. He loves to cuddle and cries when first put into a crate, and he loves to play and be chased by the resident adolescent male.

He is a typical puppy with lots of energy, and is in the discovery stage of his surroundings, so he should have plenty of chew toys to keep him busy (and not chewing on things he shouldn't).

Joey is looking for a new forever home that will continue his training and socialization and will include him in daily activities. He would love a home with a tolerant dog buddy to play with.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added December 2013

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