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Jiminey is a 5-6 year old black and tan male who weighs about 68 lbs. He was found as a stray by a Good Samaritan who noticed he had an injured leg and took him into a vet clinic. He was given basic treatment and transferred to a local Sacramento area shelter. Both lower bones on Jiminey's front right leg were fractured. GCGSR had surgery done on 1/31/18, which included adding metal plates to stabilize the leg. He will be in a bandaged splint until mid-March, when careful, slow rehab can begin.

He is living easily in a foster home with another adult male German Shepherd and three cats. He tries to engage the dog in play, but has been in a splint and has limited mobility. He ignores the cats. At the vet's office, Jiminey has encountered dogs of all sizes and may bark if the other dog is noisy, but seems to want to play. Otherwise, he's patiently ignored the other animals he's seen there. Jiminey is a good alarm barker when he notices strangers walking by the house.

Jiminey is housebroken and loves car rides. He occasionally will try to get into the garbage, but otherwise has nice house manners. He stays inside all day if no one is home. He is affectionate and easy to have around. Once he's fully healed, we feel he will show us that he has energy to play with other dogs. Due to the plate in his front leg, extra care must be taken to be sure he doesn't overdo it or land wrong on that leg.

Obedience training is recommended to help bond Jiminey to his new family and to insure he remains the easy boy he's shown so far.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added March 2018

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