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Jeff (AKA Jeffery) is an amazingly sweet, handsome black and tan male German Shepherd who is a VERY young 10 years old, and weighs approximately 78 pounds. His previous owner surrendered him to a local area shelter, and very little is known of the reason for his surrender or his background.

Jeffery has easily blended into his foster home's pack of resident dogs which consists of 5 dogs that are a mix of ages and sexes, and has acted appropriately with all dogs, large and small, that he has met. While at a pet store, Jeffery met the resident cat and was not fazed by it and basically ignored it, while his foster pack was ready to snack on it. Based on this observation, we believe Jeffery could possibly be ok living with cats.

He is extremely calm, with a great temperament, has moderate energy and has impeccable house manners. After only a few days, he earned the privilege to roam freely in the house with his foster pack. Jeffery knows how to use a dog door, is crate trained, knows to sit and wait for his meals, and other basic commands.

Jeffery is the ultimate companion dog! He would like nothing more than to be with his human at all times; whether it be hanging around the house, taking trips to dog friendly stores, outings, hiking, etc. He is happiest when he's shadowing his person, either inside or outside. He loves to ride in the car and has great car etiquette, but will sometimes come forward and want to be your co-pilot, hanging out between the two front seats.

Jeffery appears to have been kept outside much of his life and has lost the fur on the tips of his ears due to fly strike. The wounds have all healed, but we don't think his fur will grow back on his ears. He's quickly adjusted to being an inside dog, and loves the creature comforts of having a dog bed in each room and his own crate with an orthopedic bed. Jeffery loves his crate - the door is latched open at all times - and will self-crate quite often and usually sleeps in it.

He is in great physical shape, easily walks about two miles each day with his foster pack, and also enjoys going to Folsom Lake and hiking around the lake.

Jeffery will thrive best with a family or person who is home most of the time and wants their dog to be a true companion, in return he will be a devoted and loving companion.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added October 2017

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