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Jana is an adorable white female. We estimate that she is six years old, and she weighs in at over 90lbs. Jana was adopted out of the shelter then returned two days later because she scratched the door, removing some paint, after being shut in a bedroom 10 hours with her owner at work. Nothing before that is known.

Jana is a great dog and easy to have around. It doesn't seem like she has had any formal training, but still has nice house manners. She is happy to lie down on a soft bed while you are having dinner or working at the computer. She will occasionally seek out attention, but isn't pushy about it. Jana is housebroken, and will let you know when she needs to go out. She will sleep on a bed quietly all night, or will also sleep in a crate without issue. Jana likes to ride in the car, but does not seem to jump, so you have to help boost her in if it is far off of the ground. She will while a little at first, then will settle in. On outings, Jana has been good with everyone she has met.

Jana gets along with the other five large dogs in her foster home. For the most part she hangs out and does her own thing, but every once in awhile she will try to play, or insert herself as the fun police in other dogs play time. Jana has a stiff back end. Shelter x-rays show arthritis in her spine and right hip, and while she is sometimes a little slow to rise or settle, this doesn't stop her. Jana loves to go on walks, and play in the creek when out. She likes to run with the other dogs, and help with yard work out on the property. When out walking, Jana is pretty interested in turkeys, rabbits, and other small critters, so it is unlikely she would be a good candidate to live with cats.

Jana would make an excellent companion for many families with her easy going nature, and fun personality. She would like a home where she is included in daily activities and outings.

This is a Level 2 Dog!

Added June 2015

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