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April 2011
Just wanted to send an update. Match made in Heaven. The "boys" are best buddies and Jerry Lee even shares tiny sticks with Alex. Couldn't have asked for a better match. Again many thanks for letting him join our family.

Stephanie, Richard and Alex

Jerry Lee & Alex

Jerry Lee & Alex


Here is Alex trying to learn how to throw a stick for JerryLee! Fun day in the yard with the great weather. Amazing how relaxed JerryLee is around Alex.
Perfect match!!

Jerry Lee & Alex


Keep forgetting to let everyone know what a wonderful holiday we had. JerryLee and Shiloh went with us to Lake Almanor for Christmas. Even though Shiloh is 6 she has never made the trip with us, since the older dogs were on so many meds they went with us and the "easy" 2 stayed behind. My seizure dog always had to go with me so that meant Nikko went also to keep her calm. Anyway, JerryLee loved the snow and was a perfect gentleman. I was so happy that they settled right down in a house new to them and enjoyed walking on leash to the lake and then running loose in the meadow which meets the lake. Jerry did get sore from running in the snow, but most dogs do since the toes splay so much more than normal. We are so grateful to be able to look forward to lots of time there this summer. (too bad the kid didn't behave as well as the dogs!) (Alex was up at 2AM Christmas morning and had the whole house up by 5).

Just wanted everyone to know how great it was to be able to include them with us this year!


June 2010:

Jerry Lee June 2010

Jerry Lee & new family

Original bio & pictures, April 2010:

Hondo is a happy and outgoing 3 year old male, medium-sized and wearing a typical black saddle. Hondo likes everyone he's met so far, human and canine, don't know about cats yet.

This easy-going boy has the makings of a fine family dog provided he gets the right home and leadership!

This is a Level 2 Dog!

Added April 2010

Hondo Head 01 Hondo Head Tilt

Hondo Sit

Mug Shot (Shelter Picture) 4/14/10

Hondo Shelter 4/14/10