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Hilo is a small, handsome sable male on the thin side at about 55 lbs. He is a stray from a Sacramento shelter, so nothing is known of his background. The shelter listed him as a 3 year old, but in his foster home he acts and moves like a youngster and we estimate approximately his age at 18 months. It appears Hilo may have lived as a stray or outdoors for sometime given that his coat is in poor condition, he is underweight and has a scab from a healing wound on his shoulder. He does not know any commands and seems unfamiliar with being in a house. At the moment he is a nervous boy, but he's only been out of the shelter for a day.

In his foster home, he met the two resident male German Shepherds easily and seems to want to play. Hilo saw the cats inside (was kept on leash to keep the cats safe), but he did not seem overly interested in the cats, so he may be able to live with dog-savvy cats.

Hilo is learning to go in a crate and sleep calmly through the night. He jumped into a car without any problem and rode well. He was given a tennis ball and carried it proudly around the yard, but didn't understand that he should bring it back to play fetch. The next time he saw the ball, he was no longer interested. He walks easily on a leash, interested in taking in the sights and sniffing everything. The trick is getting a collar on him, as he's not used to them. He is food motivated, so taking a treat and slipping a lead over his head is working so far.

Hilo has a big dog bark and alarm barks at sounds or movements he doesn't recognize. More will be posted about Hilo as we get to know him better.

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Added July 2015

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