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HeraHera Head

Hera is currently a thin 10 month old female weighing about 60 lbs. She was an owner surrender, adopted her as a stray from an Oakdale shelter when Hera was 6 months old. They found that she needed more time and attention than they could give. Hera lived with children and other dogs in the previous home.

In her foster home, Hera is living with two adult male German Shepherds and a female German Shepherd. Hera likes nothing better than to play a game of "chase me" with the other dogs and has energy to play for longer periods of time. She can be a bit of a drama queen if she thinks the others are playing too rough. If bored, Hera may decide to dig in the yard or chew on whatever she can find. If shoes are left out, she thinks they must be toys and will carry them off to gnaw on them. This girl is affectionate and loves a good belly rub. She also likes to play in water and will tip over a pail if it is not attached to keep it upright.

Hera's previous home said she was not housebroken, so she is not being given free run of the house just yet. She has had no accidents at the foster home and she is sleeping well in a crate through the night. Hera jumps right into the car when needing to be transported. Although she needs more training, she will sit and down with coaxing and walks fairly well on a leash. House manners are also being worked on to keep her from checking out the counter tops and trying to jump on furniture. The cats in the house have had no problems with Hera. She wants to go sniff them, but that seems to be the extent of her interest. Hera alarm barks and sounds like a much bigger dog when she barks.

With continued training and socialization, this will be a great family dog.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added October 2014

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