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Henry FordHenry Ford Head

Henry is a 3 year old male. He was surrendered to us by an elderly couple who could no longer care for him.

Henry is a handsome boy with a moderate energy level. He is housebroken and has great house manners. He is an easy dog to have around. In his foster home he plays with the playful dog and leaves the grumpy dog alone. He shares toys and is content to relax on a dog bed. He walks great on a leash (the previous owner walked him while in a motorized wheelchair). He only needs a stern "no" for correction. He loves being pet and getting hugs, but isn't demanding.

He is a little anxious when first meeting large dogs, but quickly warms up to them. He lived with several small dogs in his previous home and played with them gently. He is currently living with dog-saavy cats. He means them no harm, but would love to chase them if they would only run!

He is quite spoiled - he believes he belongs indoors at all times. When left outside he whines, paces and barks. He is better with another dog, but still needs reprimands at times. He can be trusted alone in the house, but is being fed meals outside and building up his tolerance to some outdoor time. He would love a home with a dog door or someone home most of the time.

Henry will make a great family member for some lucky adopter!

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added February 2018

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