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Heidi A.Heidi A. Head

Heidi is about 2 years old and is an easygoing, sweet, long-coat German Shepherd who gets along very with dogs of all sizes. She was an unclaimed stray from a local shelter, so little is known of her background.

Heidi was hit by a car and lay by the side of the road for two days with a fractured pelvis and a dislocated leg. Today, Heidi is doing wonderfully, she doesn't even have a noticeable limp. Heidi gets two walks a day, totaling two miles, with no discomfort. She romps and plays with other dogs like nothing ever happened. However, she should not be asked to hike or jog for long distances.

Heidi had very little socialization in her formative months and is shy of new people. When she came into rescue it took her about a week to figure out her foster mom was an OK person. Once she settled in she became a confident playful loving girl. Any new home needs to understand she is going to need time to adjust.

She is crate trained and house broken.

Anyone would be lucky to have this girl as a lifelong companion!

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added February 2018

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