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Harley now Teddy

Update 9/5/11
I adopted Teddy one year ago when he was 8 weeks old. Just thought you'd enjoy the picture of him THEN and NOW.  (I can't believe he was ever that small!) He's such a great dog!

Thank you to Greater Calif GSD rescue for matching us up perfectly. He's a good boy, at the studio with Lil Bear, and at home with the bunnies!

Teddy at 1 year - August 2010

Teddy and his sister Lil Bear

Teddy and his sister Lil Bear

Teddy's tough life!

Teddy's tough life

Teddy's sister Lil Bear

Lil Bear September 2010

July 2010 - Cooling it in the pool!

Teddy cooling off in pool

Update 6/3/11
Teddy is a happy, healthy and big boy- almost 11 months and 110 lbs. Pure love and joy.

Teddy 11 months & 110 lbs


Update 4/6/11
Thank you for matching me up with my handsome Teddy (Harley when I adopted him in Sept) - 9 months old and 95 lbs!!!

Teddy 9 months

February 2011 - 7 months old. So handsome already!

Teddy at 7 months

I hope you are having a great holiday season.

Teddy/Harley is such a great dog, and is growing like crazy. As of Dec 8, he was 55 lbs at 5 months old! Big boy!

He's such a good boy, a sweetie, and so attentive, yet laid back. He played with one of my staff member's 8 week old Boston Terrier tonight at the studio and he was so gentle with her! (Although her entire head was in his mouth several times)

Thanks for your help and Happy New Year. I'll send you some updated photos!

Teddy at 4 1/2 mos Dec 2010

Teddy is such a great dog, so smart and handsome, and everyone at the studio is in love with him!

Teddy at 4 months Nov 2010

9/16/10 Adopted!
Ears almost up! Here's the baby! He's doing soooo well! I hope it's ok to change his name since he's so young. Theodore - Teddy! He's going to be huge!

Ears almost up Sept 2010

Harley and I are settling in and are already completely in love! His big sister Lil Bear is setting a good example and he's a quick learner. Thank you for matching us up!

Teddy & Rose Sept 2010 Rose & Teddy Sept 2010

Original bio:

Born on 7/8/10, these cuties will be 8 weeks 2 days old on Saturday, September 4th, where they will debut at Modesto Adoption Day. Their pregnant mother and probable father were taken in by some good samaritans when found wandering loose. The original owners couldn't be found, so the male German Shepherd was rehomed, and the mother with her puppies came to us when the puppies were 10 days old. They appear to be purebred German Shepherds. These are our preliminary ratings, but they may change as the puppies mature.

Harley, one of the bigger males, is super mellow, low energy, wants to be with someone all the time, and pouts when left alone.

He wants a home where he'll be with someone all the time!

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added August 31, 2010

Harley at 6 weeks

Harley at 6 weeks

August 2010 - Harley and his littermates at 5 1/2 weeks!

Puppy Naps 5.5 weeks

Puppy Pack 5.5 weeks

Puppy chase 5.5 weeks

Puppies at 5.5 weeks

Born 7/8/10 to Eve, one of our program German Shepherds! Below at 10-11 days old.

Eve and pups