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Guy is an unclaimed stray from the Sacramento area, so nothing is known about his background. He is 12 to 18 months old, and on the smaller side at 55 lbs, possibly mixed with an unknown smaller breed.

Guy is very friendly and affectionate with people, and has charmed everyone he has met so far. He is learning not to jump into laps, but is quite a determined kisser. He follows his foster dad like a puppy. He has very good manners for his age, even pausing at doors, but is still just a little bit mouthy. He sits for pats, and for dinner. He corrects easily, learns quickly, and seems determined to find a way to fit in. He walks nicely on leash without pulling, though not quite in a straight line yet.

Guy settles calmly in the house in the evening, or at work, where he rests quietly until his foster dad is done at the computer. He is still interested in chewing, but is good about selecting a toy or bone rather than household objects.

He goes into his crate at night readily with the command "Go to bed" and a little nudge, and sleeps quietly through the night. He enjoys riding in the car, and is learning to load up on command without being lifted in. Guy is fully potty-trained and has had no accidents indoors. He hasn't learned to relieve on leash yet, holding it until off leash in the back yard.

Guy will initially bark or growl at other dogs when on leash, but corrects and settles with no trouble. With the three German Shepherds at his foster home, Guy loves to play, but does not yet seem to understand pack manners, and can be quite pushy. If living with other dogs, he will do best with a playful, large-breed, non-dominant female. If living with multiple dogs, his human will need to be an effective pack leader. He is not looking for a fight, but may be hoping to be an alpha when he grows up.

Cats are not Guy's best friends, but he corrects easily, and with his eagerness to please his human, he could probably learn to live with them. The two cats in his foster home are unenthusiastic about his curiosity and freshness.

Guy will be a loving, devoted, and true best friend and fun companion to the lucky person who adopts him, and can finish the training he is so happy to get. He is eager to learn, easy, and proud and happy when he gets praised. He is truly a nice guy, and exceptionally affectionate.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added January 2014

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