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Grace is a pretty black and tan female who is approximately 8 year old now. Animal Control picked her up in a small rural town in Yolo County, and her family never came for her. She was adopted out in 2016 and was returned in 2017, approximately a year after being adopted, because she was too much to handle for her new owners.

Grace was a little timid and uneasy when approached by new people when she was returned. However now she loves to be pet and get attention from any human. She knows basic commands and walks on a leash well. She is house trained and currently left free in the house when left alone; she has a dog door to go outside whenever she wants to. She has a good deep alarm bark when someone rings the door bell and anyone would think twice about breaking in. She is also crate trained. She does not get on furniture or beds and she loves to ride in the car. She is starting to show her age and can be a little slow getting up in the morning but it does not stop her when she wants to go.

Grace has not been properly socialized and she will immediately go on the offensive if another dog gets near her. She has become less reactive with training and she will need continued training but probably will need to be the only animal in the house.

Grace needs a strong leader who is experienced with large dogs and pack behavior, This is not a beginner dog and should not go to a home with other pets / dogs or kids under 14-15 years old. She is happy to be a follower as she is at her current foster home but boundaries have to be enforced or she will take over in a second.

No cats or small furry critters!

This is a Level 3 Dog. Please be sure you understand what a dog of this Level requires.

Updated May 2018, Added October 2015

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