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GeorgetteGeorgette Head

Georgette is a petite black and tan female, approximately 10 months old, weighing about 55 pounds.  She was a stray in a local shelter, so nothing is known about her background.  She was found with a broken leg and a badly infected sore on her haunch.   Her leg has been repaired, she has completed her rehab and is now working up to resuming normal activities.


Georgette is smart, very sweet and affectionate. She has a very funny personality. She happily accepts head scratches and belly rubs and loves to fall asleep with her head in your lap.  She sleeps well in her crate, is potty trained and walks well on a leash  She likes to play with the male shepherds in her foster home, she also initiates play with the female but occasionally will try to challenge her.  She rides well in the car and will be up for any adventure with her new people.  She meets new people and dogs well and likes everyone she meets.   Being under a year old, she still has some puppy energy but corrects very easily, is pretty mellow most of the time and desperately wants to please her owner.


She has met younger children at adoption events and has been appropriate, however, she has not lived with small kids.  With proper supervision, Georgette may be ok with a dog savvy cat. Give this young lady some basic training and she is going to be a wonderful and loyal addition to any family. 

This is a Level 2 Dog!

Added September 2018

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