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Adopted 2/11/12!

Updated 2/28/12

My wife, Diane and I adopted Freedom from you (foster Mom; Kim D) at the Vacaville PetSmart on Feb 11, 2012. Your website doesn't include her, but I wanted to let you know she is a GREAT DOG! She has rapidly become an important member of our family and loves all three of us (including Quigley, the cat). We have been teaching her social skills, and she is the star pupil at the obedience classes we are attending. She loves being an indoor dog, and has excellent house manners.

Thank you for not cancelling your Vacaville events before we found her! Keep up the great work you are doing.

John & Diane Kraft

Freedom 2/28/12


Original bio

Freedom is a pretty black and tan girl about 7 years old. In her previous life, she was an outside-only dog, and has fly-bitten ears. This sweet dog craves attention and doesn't like being left home by herself.

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Added March 2012

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