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FredrickFredrick Head

Fredrick is about 5 months old and is a Belgian Malinois/German Shepherd mix and weighs just over 30 lbs. He was surrendered with his sister, Serafina, when the woman who bred their mother couldn't find homes for the two pups and wasn't able to take good care of them.

Fredrick is shy, but very sweet and affectionate. He is in a foster home with another German Shepherd and cats. His ears have not decided to stand up yet. He is sleeping quietly through the night in a crate and we're working on housebreaking and teaching him house manners. If left unsupervised, this boy will find something to chew up in a matter of minutes. Appropriate chew toys are a must to redirect him.

Another confident dog in his forever home will help Fredrick overcome his shyness. Regular outings to help socialize Fredrick will also be beneficial, as well as obedience training and lots of exercise.

This is a Level 3 Dog. Please be sure you understand what a dog of this Level requires.

Added June 2014

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