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Fabian is a sable, one year old, 66 lb male. He was a stray out of a Modesto shelter, so nothing is known of his background. He was transported to the Sacramento area along with several other dogs of all sizes. When picked up, he seemed unfazed by the many other dogs and easily met the 3 German Shepherds in the foster home. He is interested in the resident cats, but only in a curious way and means them no harm. Fabian will sleep through the night in a crate or out of a crate. He does try to climb on furniture and beds, so vigilance is required to teach him to stay off. Walking nicely on leash, sitting and laying down with some coaxing are not a problem for Fabian.

If a hose is being sprayed, Fabian loves to bite at the water. He has not been tested around a pool to know if he would get in. He stood patiently when taken for a bath, although he clearly was not enjoying it. This is one affectionate boy, who will follow you around and lay his head on you. He also is learning to settle nicely on a dog pillow when inside the house and appears housebroken. If excited, Fabian wants to jump up on people, so care should be taken with very small children.

Fabian has decided a few things are worth chewing, so he needs to be watched carefully and redirected if needed. He also will dig in the yard, chew on some plants, and play hard with another young dog. Fabian had an injury to a back leg when the shelter got him, so jumping into the car seems difficult at times. He does better getting in through a back door and, once in, rides well. Continued socialization and formal training will bring out the best in this very nice boy.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added November 2014

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