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Ella has epilepsy. Her regimen is one pill twice a day, and liquid medicine once a day. Currently the cost of the medication is about $65.00 a month. Research could be done to determine if there is a less expensive place to purchase the medications.

Ella is a 5-6 year old beautiful redheaded female. Our best guess is that she is a German Shepherd/Belgian Malinois mix, and is medium size weighing in at about 70lbs. Ella was originally adopted out of a local shelter, but was returned for jumping the fence.

In her current foster home, Ella is outside during the day with two foster brothers while her people are at work, and she doesn't seem to have any interest in jumping the 6' horse fencing. Ella likes all of the large male and female dogs in her foster home. She loves to play with the boys, and is quite active. She has had one opportunity to be introduced to a cat, and she was a little unsure about it. With supervision and training, Ella might be able to live with a cat.

Ella is an easy girl to have around. She is very friendly to people and loves to give kisses. She is housebroken and has nice house manners. She rides nicely in the car, and will sleep quietly in a crate, or can be trusted to sleep freely in a dog bed in the bedroom.

Ella may not have had a lot of formal training, but she knows basic commands like sit, down, bed, and comes when she is called. Ella is easy to walk on leash, and seems to enjoy her daily walk. Unlike some of her foster siblings, Ella does not seem to like the water. She is careful to stay on shore while the others splash around in the stream.

Ella would like a permanent home with another dog, or have her people around most of the time. She would like to be included in daily activities, and continue to see and explore the big wide world out there. She will make the right family a great companion.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added June 2014

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