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DuncanDuncan Head

Duncan is an 18 month old, very handsome, black and tan male weighing about 80 lbs. A stray from a local shelter, so there is no background information about him.

This boy craves attention and loves belly rubs. He appears housebroken with use of a dog door. He is currently living with another older female German Shepherd. Duncan appears to want a playmate, as he tries to engage the female with play bows, but she is not interested. He is sleeping quietly through the night on a dog bed in the foster mom's bedroom. He prefers to not be alone, so slow desensitizing steps are being taken to assure him people will return. When Duncan's needs are met, he can be a very laid back boy.

Continued training would benefit Duncan. He prefers a home with another dog and preferably someone home much of the time until he can get used to his surroundings and build confidence to be left without his human there.

Cats and small critters unknown.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added July 2018

Duncan 01