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Re-Introducing Drake

Drake is a handsome, large, 100 pound, black and tan 5 year old male. He originally was an owner surrender when his family lost their home. He was adopted out about 18 months ago, and was recently returned when his family could no longer care for him. Drake loves getting attention and being around his people. He is very loving and friendly to everyone he meets, but could use consistent socialization.

Drake has epilepsy. His regimen is one pill twice a day, and liquid medicine once a day. Currently the cost of the medication is about $65.00 a month. Research could be done to determine if there is a less expensive place to purchase the medications. Drake's previous family reports about one seizure a month, we are working with the vet to see if any medication changes need to be made to see if this can be reduced. His current follow-up blood work looks good.

Drake is housebroken, rides nicely in the car, and sleeps quietly in his crate at night. He knows some basic commands such as Sit and Down, and walks fairly nicely on a leash. Drake seems to be good with adults and well-behaved children. Drake likes the large dogs in his foster home, and previously lived with a small dog with no issue.

Drake loves car rides, and rides quietly, preferring to lay down in the back seat. When out and about at pet-friendly stores he is curious, but well-behaved (just occasionally will want to lift his leg at popular places in the pet store). At home Drake is content to be out in the yard, or in the house right next to his person.

Drake would be excellent in a family either as an only dog or with a doggie playmate. The medication Drake is currently on does make him a little loopy, and he sometimes staggers. Care would need to be taken with small children as he could easily knock them down accidentally. Also when not supervised, Drake needs to be in safe area so he would not hurt himself by falling down stairs or into a pool if he had a seizure. Care would also need to be taken so another family pet would not injure him if he had a seizure and they did not understand what was happening to him.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Re-Introduced June 2014

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