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Updated February 2014

Dino is a friendly white 2.5 year old boy that was an unclaimed stray out of Modesto. He has golden eyes, a sunny disposition, and is at his ideal weight of about 80 pounds. He is crate trained, housebroken, walks well on a leash, and likes to be around people.

He loves the outdoors, especially the trails, and is shaping up to be an outstanding hiking or jogging partner. On the beach, he playfully splashes around in the shallow water and is very social. Inside the house, he asks for the pet or play of a free hand then likes settling in by your feet for a nice session with a toy. On rare occasion, he tries to play mouthy with people in the same way that he plays with dogs, so young kids may be an issue.

Hard play with his pack is welcomed, whether in a game of fetch, chase, or wrestling. Dino is affectionate, active - even a little rambunctious, and he has not met another dog who he does not like. He seems to prefer the ladies, but he plays with any dog, male or female, who is willing to engage him. Along with exercising with his pack, car rides are Dino's favorite, and he sometimes tries to 'ride shotgun.'

Dino's home must have at least one active person who will fulfill his exercise needs. He would like a home with a playful female dog as well, but he could also live just fine with the right male dog. Again, if you are looking for a companion for adventures on the trails, Dino makes an excellent candidate.

Despite having great dogs to keep him company, Dino made the unwise decision to look for people or something else to do besides play in the yard, and he escaped a 6-foot wood fence on a couple of occasions. Since coming to his foster home in the mountains, he has not been allowed to make this choice and has provided no new challenges here. The prior escaping incidents plus his prey drive are the only issues that we know about, so please, no cats or other critters. He does very well in his indoor kennel when people are away as long as he gets his exercise and has his foster pack nearby.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added December 2013

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