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DaphneDaphne Head

Re-Added June 2014

Daphne is a beautiful tan and black female, approximately 3 year old, of medium size and has a lot of puppy traits left in her (gently mouthy, a little clumsy and absolutely adoragirl).

Daphne is a medium energy girl. Though at at times she will play hard with our resident dogs, it is usually at their invitation and she can definitely hold her own with them. She enjoys playing with the dogs but is just as happy to hang out with her people.

She doesn't quite understand the concept of catch but will chase the other dogs as they chase balls. Occasionally she will catch a ball thrown to her, look up to let you know she could do it, then subsequently drop the ball and go back to chasing the other dogs.

Daphne is a sensitive girl who takes correction well and without resentment. We have been giving her lots of reassurance, speaking with her gently, and hugging and kissing her. As a result, we are seeing her blossom into an absolute sweetheart who has a lot of love to give back.

She rides well in a car, comes when called and is getter better with basic commands of Sit, Down, Wait, etc. It is unknown how she is around cats but has not chased any of the many squirells that come to our yard to tease the dogs :-) She may be OK with a dog-savvy cat and will be tested later in the week.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added May 2012

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