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Cora is a 5 month old female. She was a stray from the Merced shelter, so nothing is known of her background.

Cora is anxious in new situations and with new people and dogs. After a day or so she becomes comfortable with the people and dogs. She is good with dog-savvy cats that don't run.

Cora has a bit of spunk to her and can protest when she doesn't want to do something. Put her in a crate at night and she'll bark a few times to let you know her displeasure. During the day she naps happily in the crate when it's her idea.

Right now the world seems too big to her and she tries to hide under or behind things when out walking. She needs a home that won't baby her or allow her to act fearful. A bit of pushing her out of her comfort zone and giving her positive verbal reinforcement when she is brave is all it takes to give her a little confidence and gets her walking with her tail untucked.

Frequent exposure to new things and consistent leadership will ensure Cora develops into a well-rounded adult.

This is a Level 3 Dog. Please be sure you understand what a dog of this Level requires.

Added July 2018

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