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ClooneyClooney Head

Clooney is an adorable 10 week old, black and tan, male puppy who was found submerged in water according to animal control. This event has not hampered his spirits and he is a very happy, energetic puppy.

Clooney currently lives and plays with a large, male German Shepherd and is learning to leave the resident cats alone. He does not like the crate when it is closed and covered but, he does sleep in his foster moms bathroom with the open crate against the open bathroom door. He seems to be ok with this set up and will sleep through most nights.

Clooney is working on learning to sit, come when called and will "leave it" when told - most of the time. He is not house trained yet, so there is no sitting and relaxing while he is awake.

Like most puppies, Clooney loves to chew, bite, and tear anything he can get his mouth on (i.e. ankles, furniture and your favorite shoe). Clooney will do best in a home where his family is patient, consistent and are willing to put the time and energy to train him and keep this little guy social. Another tolerant dog as a role model, will also benefit Clooney.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added April 2018

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