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Clarabella is a 10-11 month old beauty. She was an original stray from the Modesto area so nothing is known of her background. She weighs about 68 lbs and is energetic with an athletic, sleek build. She likes to follow her current caregiver and always wants to know what's going on and is quite curious. She wrestles with the male GSD in the household who likes to rough house. She also likes to engage him in a game of tag with the tennis ball. During a recent adoption day, she played nicely with the small pups she was allowed to interact with. At times, she becomes mouthy, so care must be taken with small children.

Clarabella seems to know a few basic commands and is learning house manners. With small reminders, she settles down nicely inside the house. She has an expressive face and is smart, and a quick learner. Cars make her a little anxious and she got car sick. This can be remedied with continued car trips for fun activities.

Clarabella is still a puppy at heart and likes to play with toys. She sleeps through the night in a crate, but has chew toys to keep her occupied. She is currently living with 3 other German Shepherds and several cats. She has no problems with the cats and they seem to know it.

Continued reminders about her manners and formal training will make Clarabella into the best dog ever!

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added November 2013

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