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CharlieCharlie Head

Charlie is about 1.5 years old, weighing 70 lbs, who came out of a Sacramento area shelter so nothing is known of his background. Past ear infections left Charlie with cauliflower ears, which explains his cute bent ears.

He loves to play fetch with balls and loves to play in general. He has lived in foster homes with other dogs and did well. Charlie has slept in a crate, but also does fine using a dog bed without a crate. An affectionate boy, he is not demanding of attention. Not a high energy dog, Charlie does get excited to see you when you've been gone, but settles down and is fairly mellow overall. He enjoys riding in the car and loves going for walks.

Charlie could learn to live with dog-savvy cats once he is taught that they are not there to be his playmate. Young children may find Charlie's herding instinct intimidating. This behavior can be corrected, but will take training and patience. This is a nice boy who knows a few commands and is housebroken, but would benefit greatly from further training.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added March 2014

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