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Casper is a handsome, 4 year old black and tan long coat male weighing 84 lbs. He was originally found severely malnourished and with much of his hair missing when he was 2 years old and ended up in a shelter. He was adopted from our rescue and with much care and attention to Casper's needs, he is now at a healthy weight and has regrown most of his hair. He was recently surrendered because of increasing medical concerns. He has been diagnosed with pannus in his eyes, which requires daily ointment. He also has severe arthritis in his back hips and at least one bad knee which requires pain and/or anti-inflammatory medication to manage. He should not live in a home with stairs. Casper likely has some environmental allergies as well, with some accompanying hair loss, but his skin and coat are healthy otherwise.

Casper has played well with other dogs at the dog park, but doesn't always do as well meeting new dogs on leash while walking on streets. He can be nervous and unaccepting around new people, particularly men that enter his home. He is a good alarm barker. After proper introductions to new people, Casper can relax and show that he enjoys a good scratch behind the ears.

He loves to play but due to his bad hips, can't keep up with healthier, faster dogs. He currently lives with a younger German Shepherd and gets along with her quite well. Jolly balls are Casper's favorite toy. Small toys, balls or ropes tend to get shredded quickly and don't last. Although not crate trained, he is completely housebroken, knows basic commands, and would adapt quickly to a new home. He also doesn't chew on non-chew toys. Casper is not recommended for a home with small children.

Cats and small critters are unknown.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added October 2018

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Casper when he came into rescue in October of 2016

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