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Camden is a 3 year old sable male who was a stray from a Sacramento area shelter, so nothing is known of his background. He is not a tall dog, weighing approximately 70 lbs., and can stand to lose a few pounds. Now in a foster home with several other German Shepherds and cats, Camden has been an easy dog to have around. He is housebroken, has nice house manners, knows basic commands, and rides well in the car. Camden was also around a 20 month old child and was very gentle.

Inside Camden settles down nicely. Outside he seems to be on alert and will alarm bark at movement outside the fence, including when the garbage truck stops to empty the bins. Camden will engage some with the other dogs, but seems to prefer the company of people.

In his last home, Camden would jump the wood fences when left alone outside with no one home. With other dogs in the yard and a fence that has all wood slats facing inward, he hasn't shown any attempts to escape. Camden does focus immediately on squirrels when out on walks. It could be squirrels got his attention and caused him to jump the fence at the other house. His forever home should be with other dogs and/or with someone home most of the time. Further training and continued socialization are also advised.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added November 2014

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