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Callie is a 4 month old, female German Shepherd mix with black and tan coloring. She is a super sweet little girl who came to us from the shelter so nothing is known of her background other than she was severely neglected. She and her 2 siblings where all in pretty bad shape when they were found. After some tender loving care and a good foster family, Callie has brightened up nicely.

Callie is almost 30lbs now and she looks like she will grow to be on the small side for a German Shepherd. She is only moderately energetic for a puppy, but still has healthy curiosity.

She lives in a foster home with 2 older dogs and she doesn't bug them too much. There are no cats around so it is unknown if she would do well with them but based on her personality it appears she would be fine if introduced to a family cat properly.

Like most young ones she tries to discover everything by putting it in her mouth. She loves lounging around the house or outside chasing a ball. She feels very attached to her person and is learning all her basic commands very quickly. She walks well on a leash, rides well in a car and is great with other dogs.,/p>

Callie has a big bark for her size and only barks if there is a reason. She is not only crate trained but enjoys the safety of the crate when her person is not around. She is housebroken and has learned good house manners. Callie learns very quickly and often looks her person in the eye for her next command. Callie should go to a home where her person can spend most of the day with her.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added June 2014

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