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CalebCaleb Head

Caleb is approximately 12 months old and still growing. He was a stray out of Modesto, so nothing is known of his background.

He is insecure at times and will shadow his person. He does whine if left alone and when first put in his crate so, chew bones and toys in his crate are necessary help keep him occupied. He currently sleeps (all night) on a dog bed in his foster moms bedroom. He likes to give you his paw for a handshake and really enjoys having you hold onto his paw. Grooming and baths are a breeze with this easy boy.

He is currently living with an adult male German Shepherd and 2 cats. However, Caleb does have a high prey drive and will chase the cats (and any small critters outside) & should go to a catless home. It is unknown how he would react to small dogs. Caleb enjoys being near his family and will lie next to the couch while the family relaxes in the evening.

Caleb walks well on a leash; appears he is housebroken & rides well in a car. He is still working on his manners but is a friendly boy. With continued training and socialization, Caleb will make a fabulous addition to most any family.

No cats, or small furry critters

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added November 2014

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