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Buchanan is a male GSD who is approximately 5-6 years. He is an extra large boy at 96 lb. with a black and tan coat. Buchanan was picked up as a stray, so not much is known about him.

Buchanan had heartworm and was on crate rest coupled with medicine for his first two months with his foster family. He has since recovered and is very healthy, happy, and stronger.

He seems to have been an outdoor pet as he has fly strike on his ears and callouses on his elbows. Buchanan is learning house manners; he is tethered in the house and settles nicely on his bed or crate. Even though Buchanan enjoys outdoors he prefers to be indoors and close to his person. Buchanan has two young GSD to play with although he prefers to get his persons full attention to play ball, be chased, and most of all getting petted. Buchanan easily gets into a vehicle and loves car rides.

Buchanan knows his basic commands: sit, stay, down, release and easily accepts direction as he wants to please his person.

No cats, or other small animals

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added November 2014

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