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Bosha is a lovely 3-4 year old female with a gorgeous light medium length coat, and a pretty dark face. She was an unclaimed stray out of Butte County so nothing is known about her background.

Bosha is a house princess, and thinks her place should be inside within eyesight of her human. She is housebroken, has nice house manners, and is good at settling in in the evening on the softest dog bed she can find.

Bosha gets along with all of the large dogs in her foster home. While a little shy the first few days, she is starting to open up and play a little with the young male in her foster home. Bosha seems to know some basic commands, and walks nicely on leash. She has moderate energy, and likes her daily walks, but would not like to be a running partner. Bosha likes to ride in the car, and when it is time for bed, she will run directly into her crate. She is a fairly easy dog to have around.

Bosha would like a home where she can be a house princess, but also be included in her new family's daily activities. Give this girl a chance, and she will melt your heart and make you a great companion.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added January 2014

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