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Betty BoopBetty Boop Head

Betty Boop is a 2-year-old white female. A professional trainer purchased her as a puppy and did some initial obedience training. She has decided to close her facility and asked us to find Betty a home.

Betty Boop is an absolute sweetheart and loves to give kisses. She is good with other dogs and with cats.

She has lived her entire life in a chain link kennel. All of her contact with people has been walks on leash, so she is very motivated to please when leashed. She heels like an obedience champ! Unfortunately, she was never brought indoors, so common household sights and sounds indoors scare her. In her foster home she needs coaxing to come in and away from the door, so she is tethered to her foster mom for short periods and is gaining confidence. Car rides terrify her, and she is working on accepting them with short, fun trips.

When she first came to us she didn't know how to interact with other dogs or about chew toys. She quickly learned to enjoy both. She is looking for a home that will continue her socialization, both indoors and out, and that has a friendly, confident dog that can help her manage her stress and enjoy life.

Betty Boop needs a special home, but will quickly return the love with kisses and happy tail wags.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added September 2018

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