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Benjamin is a strikingly handsome 2 to 3 year old male bicolor male. His facial markings are both distinct and beautiful, and nicely frame his deep-set puppy-like eyes. He was an unclaimed stray so nothing his known about his background. He was picked up by animal control with another male shepherd. Upon shelter examination it was determined that Benjamin was heart worm positive. He has gone through the treatment, and just finishing his recovery period.

Benjamin came to us a very shy and boy, and is definitely on the submissive and quiet side. However, he is really working hard on coming out of his shell more with his foster pack and is gaining confidence and becoming more social every day. He has been friendly with the people he has met so far including adults and respectful children. Although he is generally more interested in people than dogs, Benjamin really enjoys being part of a pack with the four other dogs in his foster home. Now that he has completed treatment and is feeling better, he has become much more playful and is having a lot more fun with the pack.

Benjamin is fully housebroken, and has not had a single accident in the house at his foster home. He sleeps comfortably in a crate with a pad and plush pillow, but would be just as happy on a dog bed in a comfortable location. He rides well in the car, and is very good about taking turns with his pack mates in sniffing out the windows! Benjamin appears to have had no formal training, and came to us knowing just a few commands. He is learning more each day, and responds well to training exercise, and has also learned a lot from watching the other dogs around him. He's will respond to training with treat motivation, but would just as likely work on learning a new command in exchange for pets. Benjamin walks well on a leash and corrects easily. He has a soft mouth, and likes chew toys such as Nylabones, but is especially fond of harder chews like deer alters. So far, Benjamin has shown little interest in the two older resident indoor cats, and does not exhibit much prey drive, so may be able to live with cats in a supervised environment. If I had to describe Ben's behavior tendencies in one word, I would say "respectful". He does not try to climb on furniture, beg for food, or push others out of his way. This temperament makes him a real joy to have around the house.

Benjamin's ideal day is a nice easy walk around the yard, a big bowl of kibble, a nap inside the house, maybe a little more moderate walking, followed by dinner, then a quiet evening laying around the TV or fireplace with his people and pack. He is quite content to be by your side or at your feet during calm relaxed evenings. Although he seems to prefer to be in the house chillaxing, Benjamin also seems to have an appreciation of the great outdoors. So if you adopt him, plan on getting him out to enjoy the sunshine in your neighborhood or local park often.

Benjamin has done well in a pack of dogs with strong personalities, so we think he would be at home with a pack mate or two. However, because he likes being around people so much, and does not mind being independent, he would enjoy the life of a single Dog just as much, in the right family setting. With his sweet disposition, affectionate nature, and mellow attitude, Benjamin would probably be a great fit for a many families. So far he has responded positively and affectionately to the respectful children he has met. Wherever he finds his forever home, this loving and sweet boy will certainly need to complete a full obedience training course, which will be a great way for his new owners to bond with him!

This is a Level 2 Dog!

Added March 2015

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