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BarueBarue Head

Barue is a strong, but mellow 2 year old black and tan male. He weighs 77 pounds and seems to be housebroken. He is from a local area shelter so little is known of his background.

Barue seems to have little in the way of training but has been trying very hard to learn the basics, sit, wait, potty, ok to eat, kennel, move and don't use the cat as a chew toy...

He is currently living with two larger GSD males, one female Golden and a cat. He will play and cuddles with the rest of the pack and gets along well with all but seems to want human company first, and is seemingly quite content to lay at his humans feet and sleep or follow you throughout the house.

He crates well with little argument, occasionally becoming vocal in protest after being put to bed, but usually and very quickly settles in and sleeps throughout the night.

With some time, patience, and a little training and love, this little boy is going to make a wonderful addition to some lucky family!

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added January 2018

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