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BarkleyBarkley Head

Barkley is a large goofy 10 month old male. He is very handsome, loving boy. He was surrendered to the shelter when his owner could no longer care for him.

While Barkley was an outdoor only dog in his previous home, he is quickly learning that indoor life is quite nice. Barkley has mastered going up and down the stairs, he has decided that dog beds are a good invention, and so far has slept quietly in his crate at night. Barkley has not had an accident in the house yet, but is watched carefully and is taken out frequently.

Barkley has gotten along with all of the other large dogs in his foster home. This boy just wants to play, play, play. He is constantly trying to find a dog buddy that will play with him. He likes to swat other dogs with his big paws, and play bow to try and entice a game of rough and tumble or chase. It is unknown how Barkley is with small dogs or cats at this time.

Barkley has not had any training and is a blank slate. This big boy learns quickly and really wants to please. He loves to be snuggle and receive attention. He practically smiles when you tell him he is a good boy.

Barkley lived with small children in his previous home (although we don't know how much access they had to him.) Care would need to be taken with small children as Barkley has no idea how big he is, plus he still is learning not to jump up.

Barkley needs a home that will continue his socialization and training so he can become a great companion and family member.

This boy is new to his foster home. More will be written when we know more about him.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added November 2015

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