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With severe mange and no adoption prospects, it appeared that this pitiful-looking one year old girl's life was over. But in this little doll, our evaluators saw a happy bundle of joy for someone. After two months of TLC and good veterinary treatment, one year old Barbie's outside is starting to reflect her inner beauty, and we expect her fur will continue to improve with time. She currently weighs 50 pounds.

Barbie loves to be close to her human, and is a gentle, very friendly and affectionate dog, unusually well behaved for her age. Her favorite places are underfoot, lying on your feet, or in your lap. She comes readily when called, and is very good about staying off of furniture. She has a puppy's happy curiosity about things, and is likely to have her head there first whenever you reach for something; tying your shoes can be a challenge. Watching her explore strange mysteries like mirrors and stairs is fun. She rides well in the car, though she tries to ride in your lap, so a tether may be needed for safety.

She is still working on some puppy habits, like grabbing with her mouth when she is too excited or just has to have your attention, but does not do it much, and will outgrow this with continued training. She mostly confines her chewing to appropriate toys and bones, but still needs to be watched around shoes. She has done well with potty training, though may still have accidents when her stomach is upset. She seems to have a delicate stomach, and a high quality carefully managed diet may be necessary for her.

Barbie gets along wonderfully with other dogs, and has lived with multiple German Shepherds in her foster home with no trouble. When things get tense, Barbie goes belly up and lies still, to calm it all down. She is living with two cats in her current foster home, and doing well learning to give them space and respect. She still tries to initiate play with them, but is not persistent and runs far and fast from a serious hiss. With time and training, she should be able to live nicely with cats.

Barbie is a charming and sweet youngster, who will be a wonderful addition to some lucky home.

This is a Level 2 Dog

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