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Banff is about a 1.5 year old long legged male White Shepherd (possibly with some Anatolian Shepherd) with ears that flop to the side weighing 85 lbs. He was found abandoned in a dog park in Yolo County, so not much is known about his past. He tested positive for Heartworm and was started on Heartworm treatments during his stay at the Yolo shelter. Due to kennel stress and the time needed to complete his treatment, he was transferred to us and placed into a quiet foster home where he is expected to complete his treatment in mid-December.

Banff is an affectionate dog who approaches most humans with gentle curiosity and is eager to receive belly rubs whenever possible. He enjoys playing with his toys, often entertaining himself with exuberance. Banff will become intimidated in large groups of strange dogs, although is living well and bonded quickly to the other calm male in his foster home. Introductions in a quiet setting with limited dogs are therefore recommended. Another confident dog is recommended for Banff's forever home, as he doesn't like staying alone. When attempting to introduce a new dog into the home, Banff would not accept him and went out of his way to intimidate the new dog. Banff would do well in a home with an existing confident dog, but may have difficulty accepting new dogs after he's arrived. He also did not like the high energy of a youngster he met on a pack walk.

Those familiar with Anatolian Shepherds believe Banff has the look and characteristics of this breed. Anatolians are typically intelligent, independent, and dominant. A strong handler who will set appropriate boundaries is needed for this big boy. Due to Banff's size, he should not go in a home with small children.

He is crate trained, house broken, and enjoys his daily walks. Initially Banff was afraid of stairs, but learned from the other dog in the home that there's nothing to it. Car rides have now become one of his favorite adventures as well. Banff is generally food motivated and if he's hesitant to try something new, he can often be coaxed with a good treat.

With further training and regular exercise, Banff will make an excellent companion dog for the right home.

This is a Level 3 Dog. Please be sure you understand what a dog of this Level requires.

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