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Banan is a handsome four year old black and cream male. On the thin side, he weighs about 65lbs, but should probably put on about 10 more. Banan was an owner surrender to a local shelter when his family moved and couldn't take him.

In his previous home, Banan lived with three children, and may have spent some time inside, but appears to have spent most of the time outdoors. It is uncertain at this time if he is fully housebroken. Banan currently lives with 5 other large shepherds, and gets along fine with them. While he is still new in his foster home, he currently has no interest in playing with the other dogs. When visiting a home with cats for a day, he completely ignored them as well, so may be able to go to a home with cats. Care would need to be taken to ensure once he got comfortable in the home, that he could still get along with them.

Banan is a little on the quiet and shy side. When he is unsure about something, he likes to retreat into his crate. If another dog is scolded, Banan flattens to the floor, not wanting to be in any trouble. He sticks like glue to his people and likes to sit or lean against them. He will slap a paw on the lap if he is not getting the attention he would like. He is learning to lie down on a bed, a few feet away from his humans and stay there. Banan will need a home that will calmly and patiently ensure that he becomes a more confident and socialized dog.

Banan knows one command, sit, and will happily sit on request. He seems eager to learn new things, and is getting to be pretty reliable with down as well, and is working on stay. Banan walks nicely on leash, although doesn't really seem to know heel. He is happy to jump in the car to go for a ride, and rides very nicely in the car, but is a little reluctant to exit the vehicle. Once out, he is fine. Banan sleeps nicely in his crate at night.

Banan is looking for a home that will include him in daily activities, and will train and continue to socialize him, so he can become the dog we know he can be.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added December 2014

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