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Axton is a large, 75 pound, 6 month old male puppy, who was born with cataracts and small eyes. As a result, Axton's vision is hazy and he occasionally walks into things. Good light helps him navigate and he doesn't seem to know there's anything wrong. He requires daily treatment to both eyes, currently using an ointment. This boy is very squirmy, so it is tricky getting the medicine into his eyes. Even after a possible cataract surgery, Axton will require medicine to both eyes for his lifetime.

Regardless of his visual impairment, Axton is a typical puppy. In the foster home, he loves to play with the big dogs and finds pulling up plants a fun part of his day. He will go after a tennis ball, but bores of it quickly. He likes to play with water sprayed from a hose and will tip over a water bowl if it isn't weighted or attached to something. Axton goes easily into a crate and will chew on the various toys and bones to keep him occupied. Axton's hearing is especially acute and he alarm barks if he notices or hears the neighbor through the fence. He also howls at the sound of sirens (even on TV) and the sound of a power saw. He rides nicely in a car and loves to go places. The cats are still a work in progress with this big pup. Axton wants them to play, but his style of trying to pounce on them does not go over well with the resident cats.

Axton will sit when instructed and appears housebroken. He settles quickly and nicely when inside and sleeps a lot while his body is obviously growing. The perfect home for Axton is one that will keep him involved in daily activities, commit to his training, socialization, and important daily medications.

This is a Level 2 Dog!

Added March 2015

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