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Autumn is a 4 year old Black and Red female. She came from a Sacramento area shelter and was originally found as a stray with another male dog but not much is known about her past.

She met other large dogs nicely, but separated and on her own, she displays reserved curiosity and has rapidly learned to trust humans. She came to us with partial hair loss, presumably due to severe flea allergies, and has developed secondary warts along her back. The warts have been recently treated and should resolve in the next few weeks. With continued good nutrition and flea treatment, her coat will continue to fill in nicely.

Autumn is an affectionate girl who quickly learns the intimacy and routine of the home, settling in her beds with calm demeanor. She is uncertain to new experiences, so continued socialization will allow her to build confidence. She has excellent house manners and is content with the company of her co-foster, Bhalu, for hours at a time during the day. She is considered house broken but will benefit from ongoing supervision until she learns her new routine. She uses a dog door without hesitation. Autumn enjoys car rides with ease and is learning to walk well on a leash. Each day she is more eager to "put on the gear" to go her daily adventure. She sleeps well in a crate at night with short intervals of whining, then settles quickly. As she is developing more strength, she is showing more exuberant play behaviors and confidence.

Initially in a home with another female dog, she wanted to dominate the other female. This girl should only go to a home with male dog companions. She also seemed somewhat interested in the cat, but corrects easily and MAY be able to learn to live with dog-savvy cats.

Autumn is not food motivated and so far is not interested in toys. Continued socialization, exercise and training will help this girl blossom to her full potential.

Children and small dogs unknown

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added December 2017

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