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Aspen is an adorable 5 month old puppy with a soft white coat. She was surrendered by her owners when they determined owning a shepherd puppy was too much for them.

Aspen is currently living in a foster home with four other large dogs, and his doing well. She likes to play with them, but backs away when play gets a little rough. Her favorite game is playing bitey face with one of the younger dogs in her foster home, just lying next to them and biting at each other.

Aspen walks nicely on leash, and is very curious about the world around her. She is a very sweet girl, and hasn't met anyone she hasn't liked so far. When in the car, she will bark at strangers walking by, but once out, she is happy to meet them. Aspen rides nicely in a car, and sleeps quietly in a crate once everyone is settled for the evening. Aspen appears to be almost housebroken with a dog door.

With Aspen teething, and being a youngster, chew toys and supervision are a must if you value your shoes, socks, etc. She has general puppy curiosity, and likes to carry things around in her mouth. Due to her being a little mouthy, a home with very young children is not recommended.

Aspen needs a home that will continue her socialization and training, and will help her become the best dog she can.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added February 2014

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