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ArielAriel Head

Ariel is a sweet and affectionate, very attentive dog, who likes to stay close to her foster dad. Her favorite place to rest is on his feet. She has excellent house manners, settles readily, sits for pats and dinner, walks on a leash nicely, rides well in the car, is fully potty trained, and sleeps quietly in a crate. She corrects easily, and trains quickly on new things.

Ariel vocalizes very expressively when she has an opinion on a subject, but is not loud or annoying. Ariel is pretty much a turn-key pet, ready for a wonderful home. She is a smaller size dog, weighing 60 lbs fully filled out.

She enjoys chasing tennis balls, and plays very confidently with the 3 German Shepherds in her foster home, but will yield if friction develops. She is however very competitive, almost jealous, of her foster dad's attention, and requires corrections to allow the other dogs access to pats.

Ariel is good with cats, though a bit too eager at first for cats who are not sure about dogs.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added February 2014

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