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Updated March 2015

Do you enjoy a challenge? If so, have we got the dog for you!

Annika is a sleek and lively, 1-2 year old solid black beauty. This happy and affectionate whirlwind loves to go-go-go all day long. Her favorite pastime is keeping the house and yard critter-free, particularly from cats and squirrels, and doing anything else at full speed. She loves to play in mud puddles and thinks swimming pools are great fun.

She's housebroken, sleeps quietly through the night, and can settle in the house when there's nothing going on. She has decent house-manners and corrects fairly easily at home. She hasn't met a person she doesn't like yet, and she loves to play with other dogs once she knows them. However, she needs very careful introductions to small dogs. Once she's met them, she's fine. Her favorite toys are tennis balls so she can peel them in nothing flat, and thinks she needs to hoard toys and nylabones from other dogs (but easily corrects, fortunately). Her extremely high energy level makes her unsuitable for a home with small children.

As sweet as she is, she is extremely challenging to take out in public around other dogs she doesn't know. She gets overly excited when on leash and ramps up in intensity, particularly when she sees a smaller dog. Her excitement vocalizes into a scream. We have been working with her, but haven't found a successful solution yet. She is a completely different dog in a home situation, where she is a very charming and affectionate companion.

Like most athletic, high-energy young German Shepherds, she will find high-energy ways to amuse herself when left alone, and will be happy to re-landscape the yard, re-upholster your vehicle if left uncrated, fight with the neighbor dogs through the fence, and occasionally go over the fence to find something to do.

If you're the right person who can work with her high energy and safely contain her when gone, she'll keep your property critter-free, romp through the mud puddles to keep you amused, and give you affectionate kisses in return.

No Cats, No Critters!

Added August 2014

Updated pictures March 2015

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